Cool History Facts

Various cool history facts for all ages
  1. When Napoleon led his army into Russia in 1812, he brought along a staggering 187,600 horses, but only a mere 1,600 returned.
  2. Ketchup was sold as medicine in the 1830s and was used to treat upset stomachs before becoming a condiment.
  3. Cleopatra was fluent in 9 languages, including Ancient Greek, Ancient Iranian, and Arabic.
  4. People dipped handkerchiefs in the blood of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette as souvenirs, a fact confirmed by scientists in 2011.
  5. Oliver Cromwell banned the eating of pie in 1644, considering it a pagan pleasure, and the ban was lifted in 1660.
  6. Abraham Lincoln, the Sixteenth President of the USA, was declared a wrestling champ, with only one loss among his 300 matches.
  7. The French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte once engaged in a war against bunnies when a hunting game of rabbits turned into an attack on him and his men.
  8. During the Victorian period, it was common to photograph deceased loved ones in lifelike poses.
  9. Cool fact: Ferrets were popular pets in ancient Rome.
  10. Ancient Egyptians used stone slabs as pillows to protect the spiritual significance of the head.
  11. In 1991, the French created a fake Paris to deceive German bomber pilots.
  12. In the Battle of Pelusium, Persians used cats as shields against Egyptians who worshipped them.
  13. Tablecloths were originally large napkins used for wiping hands and faces.
  14. Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs used honey-covered workers as flycatchers.
  15. Yoga, founded in India, has been practiced for over 5,000 years.
  16. In 18th century England, pineapples were a status symbol, displayed by the wealthy to signify their high-class status.
  17. Medals were awarded for Fine Arts in the Olympic Games for 36 years, starting in 1912, and the art created was Olympic-themed.
  18. Cool fact: The shortest war in history, lasting 38 minutes, was between Britain and Zanzibar in 1896.
  19. A single hyphen typing error in the Mariner I rocket’s code cost NASA $630 million.
  20. The earliest irrigation dam was constructed in Saurashtra.
  21. Abraham Lincoln is in the wrestling hall of fame with around 300 contests and only one loss.
  22. Adolf Hitler played a role in designing the Volkswagen Beetle, aiming to create an affordable car.
  23. Grigori Rasputin, a famous holy man in Russia, survived poisoning and multiple gunshot wounds before ultimately drowning in a frozen river.
  24. Genghis Khan exempted the poor, teachers, artists, and lawyers from paying taxes.
  25. Pope Gregory IX declared cats followers of the devil and called for their execution.
  26. President Zachary Taylor died from a cherry overdose in 1850.
  27. The Great Fire of London in 1666 miraculously resulted in only 6 deaths despite burning over 13,000 houses.
  28. Nordlingen is a German town situated inside a 14 million-year-old meteor crater.
  29. The first known artworks, dating back approximately 100,000 years, were created by Homo Sapiens during the Upper Paleolithic era in a cave in what is now France.
  30. Tug of war used to be a popular Olympic game, and Britain won 5 gold medals in it.
  31. Ancient Asia used elephants for various forms of execution, including breaking bones, crushing skulls, and using blades on their tusks, continuing until the late 19th century in some regions.
  32. Vladimir Pravik’s eyes turned from brown to blue due to radiation exposure at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant.
  33. Mayans once worshipped turkeys as gods.
  34. Cool fact: Fidel Castro survived 600 assassination attempts.
  35. Adolf Hitler initiated the ban on human zoos.
  36. The first official Medals of Honor were awarded during the American Civil War to Union soldiers who participated in the Great Locomotive Chase of 1862.
  37. Andrew Jackson had a pet parrot, Polly, which he taught to curse like a sailor.
  38. In Asia, elephants were historically trained to execute and torture prisoners and traitors until the 19th century.
  39. The Indian railways employ more than a million employees.
  40. Ayurveda, the earliest school of medicine, dates back 2500 years and Charaka is considered the Father of Ayurveda. It remains a famous medication in our civilization.
  41. The first 1GB hard drive was produced in 1980 and cost $40,000.
  42. France was once part of the Roman Empire.
  43. Using forks was once seen as sacrilegious due to their association with “artificial hands.”
  44. Cool fact: Approximately 79% of history was never recorded.
  45. Adolf Hitler’s nephew, William Patrick Hitler, fought against the Nazis in World War II.
  46. Marie Curie’s radioactive notebook from her Nobel Prize-winning research still cannot be handled safely.
  47. The shortest war ever fought was between Britain and Zanzibar in 1896, lasting just 38 minutes.
  48. Alexander the Great was mistakenly buried alive as his body was paralyzed and unresponsive. His body remained uncorrupted for 5 days after his presumed death.
  49. The Avengers was not only a successful movie franchise but also a group of Jewish assassins who hunted Nazi war criminals after World War II, poisoning 2,283 German prisoners of war.
  50. In 1913, Vienna briefly hosted notable figures such as Stalin, Hitler, Trotsky, and Tito, all residing in the city for a few months.