Aerial animals

A dove and a pigeon is the same

Facts about pigeons

Columba: Pigeon is a broad term for pigeons in the genus Columba. The most common pigeon in the western world is ...

Facts about birds

Facts about birds

Kiwi birds: Kiwi birds are blind and therefore hunt using their sense of smell The chicken and the egg: According to National ...

Facts about butterflies

Facts about butterflies

Size: The size of the butterflies can vary from around 3 mm to over 30 cm Speed: The top speed of butterflies ...

Facts about owls

Facts about owls

Cannibals: Owls eat other owl species – especially those smaller than themselves Big eyes: Owls’ eyes are extremely large and almost touch ...

Facts about bees

Facts about bees (honeybees)

Species: There are around 20,000 known bee species in the world. The honeybee (Apis) is one species with 44 subspecies Human ...

Funny facts about animals

Fun facts about animals

Vidste du, at en visse rottearter kan overleve uden vand i længere tid end kameler? Eller at nogle dyrearter begår selvmord? Find flere sjove fakta om dyr i denne artikel!

Random facts about mosquitos and their bites

Facts about mosquitoes and mosquito bites

1. Killers: Mosquitoes kill more people than any other animal on earth. This is because some mosquitoes carry diseases such as ...

Random facts about predators

Facts about predators

1. Carnivores: Predators are animals that live by eating other animals. Predators are carnivores, meaning their diet consists primarily of meat ...