Facts about Louis Tomlinson

Facts about the singer Louis Tomlinson
  1. Girls: The two things Louis looks for in a girl are confidence and a good sense of humor. He also likes girls who eat carrots (!?)
  2. Super power: If he had a superpower, it would be the ability to fly
  3. Sleepwalking: Louis sleepwalks and once tried to crawl into Niall’s bed
  4. Hair: It takes Louis over 30 minutes to style hair every morning
  5. Sun: If Louis has a son one day, he will be named Leo or Lucas
  6. Carrots: Louis has a particular fondness for carrots – and has received hundreds of carrots from his fans
  7. Unfashionable: Although Louis Tomlinson is the oldest member of One Direction, he is proud to be immature. According to him, he wants to be “immature forever”
  8. Piercing: Louis would never consider having a breast picercing – as he says: “It hurts too much. I simply don’t dare!”
  9. Whiplash: When the One Directions bus crashed in Birmingham in January 2012, Louis suffered whiplash (a neck injury)
  10. Movie about Louis: If there was a movie to be made about Louis Tomlinson’s life, he would want Leonardo DiCaprio to play him
Fact: Louis Tomlinson is very particular about his hair; it takes him half an hour to style it!
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Fact: It takes Louis more than 30 minutes to do his hair in the morning


Facts about Louis Tomlinson’s background

  • Birth: Louis Tomlinson was born on December 24 (Christmas Eve!) 1991
  • Age: Louis is the oldest member of One Direction. He is 13 months older than the second oldest Zayn Malik
  • Growing up: Louis grew up in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Other celebrities from the same area include Jeremy Clarkson, Kevin Keegan and Brian Blessed
  • Parents: His mother’s name is Joannah Poulston and father Troy Austin. However, they divorced when Louis was a child and he has since taken his stepfather’s (Mark Tomlinson) surname
  • Siblings: Louis has 5 younger half-sisters: 1 on his father’s side (Georgia) and 4 on his mother’s side (Charlotte, Félicité and twins Daisy and Phoebe)



  • Color: Louis Tomlinson’s favorite color is dark red
  • Country: His favorite country is France
  • Motto: His favorite motto is: “Live life in the moment because everything else is uncertain”
  • Band: His favorite band is ‘The Fray’, who also made his favorite song: ‘Look After You’
  • Idols: His favorite celebrities are Natalie Portman and Robbie Williams


Other facts about Louis Tomlinson

  • TV: When Louis was just 11 years old, he had a role in the TV series ‘Fat Friends’. His twin sisters, who were newborns at the time, were also in the series. Later on, he has also had roles in the series ‘If I Had You! and ‘Waterloo Road’
  • Band: When he was 14, he played in a band called ‘The Rogue’ with his school friends
  • Talent: Louis’ singing talent was discovered in X-factor with the song ‘Hey There Delilah’
  • X-factor: If he had one piece of advice for people who want to participate in X-factor, it would be: “Just be yourself and really try to bring out your personality in your song choices and interviews”
  • Tinnitus: Louis has a ringing sound in his right ear, which may be tinnitus, which typically affects musicians (because they often work in very loud environments)
  • Naked man: In Stockholm in May 2012, Louis woke up at 5am because a naked man was trying to enter his hotel room! The man was drunk and trying to find a toilet!
  • Surfing: Louis loves surfing. He loves it so much that he wants to get married on a beach!
  • Cook: He admits that he is an extremely bad cook. Despite this, he has already appeared on a TV show where he and Harry had to cook
  • The smack: Louis hates when people smack or generally chew loudly
  • Pumpkin: Louis calls Harry ‘pumpkin’, which means ‘pumpkin’ in Danish and is a cute nickname in the North of England
  • Jam: He loves jam and always has large amounts spread on his toast
  • Solo: He would never go solo as he loves being in a band
  • Harry: Louis says that if he was a One Direction fan, he would like Harry the best
  • Redhead: He admits that he’s a messy person. In fact, he’s never met anyone who is messier than he is
  • Boobs: He likes the word ‘boobs’ (which translates to ‘tits’)
  • T-shirts: Louis’ most characteristic clothes are striped T-shirts