Facts about Zayn Malik

Updated facts about the musician Zayn Malik
  1. Comic books: When he was younger, he collected comic books – which he now admits is a pretty nerdy thing to do!
  2. Idols: He’s a little bit in love with Megan Fox. His male idol is Justin Timberlake
  3. Girls: He prefers intelligent girls and is also obsessed with girls’ eyes
  4. Fear of water: He can’t swim and is downright afraid of the sea
  5. Shyness: He describes himself as the most shy member of One Direction
  6. Kisses: According to Harry, Zayn is the member of One Direction who has kissed the most fans
  7. Rumors: Despite the many rumors swirling on the internet, Zayn denies that he kissed Harry during a performance. The images online are all photoshopped!
  8. Little sister: Something guaranteed to make Zayn smile is his little sister Safaa
  9. Fan: The craziest thing he’s ever seen was a fan hiding in a trash can to avoid security and get closer to the boys of One Direction
  10. Nightmares: Zayn had his worst nightmare as an eight-year-old, where a giant Power Ranger chased him. Weird!
Fact: Zeyn Malik describes himself as shy
Attribution: Eva Rinaldi – Flickr.com

Fact: Zeyn Malik is, according to himself, the most shy member of One Direction


Facts about Zayn Malik’s background

  • Birth: Zayn Malik was born on January 12, 1993 in Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
  • Parents: His father, Yaser Malik, is Pakistani and his mother, Tricia Malik (née Brannan), is English
  • Last name: His surname Malik means “king” or “chief” in Arabic
  • First name: His first name Zayn is actually spelled with an ‘i’ and not a ‘y’ – but he thought the ‘y’ seemed more original and decided to use it instead (as a sort of stage name). By the way, Zayn means “beautiful” in Arabic
  • Middle name: His middle name is ‘Javadd’, which people often misspell
  • Age: He was the second oldest member of the group One Direction (next to Louis Tomlinson)



  • Singing: Zayn Malik’s favorite song is ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson
  • Album: His favorite album is ‘Griffiti’ by Chris Brown
  • Book: His favorite book is Harry Potter
  • Band: His favorite band is *Nsync
  • Fag: His favorite subjects in school are English, art and drama
  • Food: His favorite food is chicken
  • Motto: Zayn Malik’s favorite motto is: “Never live life in fear of death and never give up hope no matter how hard life is”


Other facts

  • Smoking: Zayn is addicted to cigarettes and would love to quit smoking
  • Ritual: He has a set ritual that he always performs before going on stage: he brushes his teeth
  • Cat: Zayn Malik is a cat person. His favorite animals are lions
  • English teacher: If he wasn’t in One Direction, he’d like to be an English teacher
  • Drawing: He loves to draw in his spare time
  • Date: An ideal date for Zayn would be to go out to dinner, watch a movie at the theater and then go home to relax with a few drinks
  • Tattoos: Zayn Malik currently has 8 tattoos. On his chest is a royal crown representing the meaning of his surname (‘king’ in Arabic)
  • Pets: His first pet was a dog (a Staffordshire Bull Terrier) named Tyson. He has also had two cats named Lily and Lolo
  • X-factor: Zayn was discovered on the X-factor program (in the UK)
  • Lies: Zayn has said that he never lies about his boyfriends or past relationships because “he doesn’t see the point and knows that you’ll just be exposed and look like an idiot”
  • Black clothing: If he could only wear one color of clothing for the rest of his life, it should be black
  • Marriage: Zayn wants to get married before he turns 30