Fun facts about men

Men facts

1. internet dating

Fact: 35% of all men in online dating are married!

35% of male users on internet dating sites are married men


2. Men’s lies

Facts about men's lies

Men lie more than women – twice as much, in fact. In 2009, British researchers investigated men’s and women’s tendencies to lie and found that men lie on average 6 times a day, while women “only” lie 3 times. The researchers also identified the 10 most common lies from both genders:

Top 10 lies of men

  1. Nothing is wrong, everything is fine
  2. This is my last beer
  3. No, your ass doesn’t look too big in that outfit
  4. I had no signal
  5. I was out of battery
  6. Sorry, I didn’t see your call
  7. I didn’t get THAT much to drink
  8. I’m on my way
  9. It wasn’t THAT expensive
  10. I’m stuck in traffic


Top 10 women’s lies

  1. Nothing is wrong, everything is fine
  2. Oh, it’s not new, I’ve had it for a long time
  3. It wasn’t THAT expensive
  4. It was on sale
  5. I’m on my way
  6. I don’t know where it is – I haven’t touched it
  7. I haven’t had too much to drink
  8. I have a headache
  9. No, I didn’t throw it out
  10. Sorry, I didn’t see your call


3. All men love gadgets

Men love gadgets
Attribution: Doodybutch + Paul Chapman + JePe + Ken Wallis –

All men love gadgets. Whether it’s a high-tech drone, remote-controlled helicopter or old-fashioned train set; men are fascinated by it all because it brings out the little boy in them


4. Duels

Fact about duels

In the 18th and 19th centuries, it was customary for men to always have the woman on his left side so that he could quickly draw his sword if he needed to defend himself and his woman. At the time, this included duels. From the late 1800s, pistols started to become more widespread and pistol duels existed right up until the 20th century


5. First impressions

Fact about first impressions

When a woman meets a man for the first time, her first impressions are primarily influenced by his appearance and body language (55%) and the way he speaks (38%), and only to a lesser extent by the things he actually says (7%)


10 facts about men – in women’s eyes

  1. Orange peel skin: Men don’t get cellulite – which could indicate that God is a man
  2. Menopause: Men’s menopause is more fun than women’s menopause. Menopausal women gain weight and get hot flashes. Menopausal men can date young girls and ride motorcycles – and they typically have more money than young men
  3. Male friends: A man doesn’t like his girlfriend telling him about her male friends. In fact, he doesn’t like the fact that she has male friends at all
  4. Educated men: Men who listen to classical music don’t usually spit
  5. Forbidden words: No man likes to hear the words: “We need to talk about our relationship”
  6. Dating: Women typically reflect for at least 1 hour before deciding if they want to date a guy again. Men usually decide within 15 seconds
  7. Marriage: Men with pierced ears are better prepared for marriage than men without; they’ve already experienced pain and bought jewelry
  8. SMS: When a man doesn’t respond to a text message, there are two possible reasons: 1) he doesn’t feel like responding and 2) he doesn’t know you expect him to respond
  9. Never call: If a man says: “I’ll call you” and he doesn’t call, it’s not because he forgot…or because he lost your number. He just doesn’t want to call you
  10. Forgiveness: Psychologists say that men tend to forget but never forgive – where women tend to forgive but never forget