Fakta: Babyer kan have kolik indtil de er omkring 4 måneder gamle

Facts about infant colic

Crying and anxiety: Colic is a condition where a baby is restless and cries a lot, even if the baby is ...

Facts about windmills and wind energy

Facts about windmills and wind energy

First: Wind turbines proudly stretch up to the horizon like giants of modern materials these days, but it wasn’t always this ...

More than 114 million cars have crossed the Øresund Bridge

Facts about Øresundsbroen

For decades, the Øresund Bridge has connected the Danes with their brothers and sisters in Sweden. But the How familiar ...

Facts about earthquakes

Facts about earthquakes

Victims: Earthquakes kill around 8,000 people every year and are estimated to have killed around 13 million people in the last ...

Facts about Solar Energy

Facts about solar energy

Free energy: Solar energy is a free energy resource that we have been able to harness to produce electricity for the ...

Facts about Solar Panels

Facts about solar cells and solar panels

The history of solar cells: The solar cell was invented 100 years ago, but has only been an efficient energy source ...

Water facts

Facts about water and drinking water

Weight difference: Hot water is heavier than cold water The Middle Ages: I Middle Ages people drank more beer than water because most water ...

Facts about psychology

Fear of heights: All humans can cross a 1 m long and 30 cm wide board on the floor, but only ...

Human evolution - included for fun only

Facts about humans

Fear of heights: Anyone can cross a 1 m long and 30 cm wide board lying on the floor – but ...

Funny facts

Funny facts – Fun facts

Vidste du, at næsehorn ofte angriber træer og sten, fordi de forveksler dem med dyr? Eller at verdens længste film varer 85 timer og hedder 'Kuren mod søvnløshed'? Læs om disse og andre sjove fakta her!